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Tally Marker

Count with Tally Marker is a counter app, that allows you to count everything with tallies.

Imagine you went to a bar one day, order beers after beers until the end you lost track of the number of beers you have ordered and the total price for the bill. 
This is when Count with Tally comes to the rescue. Download the app, make a stroke every time you ordered a beer (or anything you can think of) and preset the price per beer in the settings. Now you can track how many you beers have ordered as well as their total prices. You can even track when you have ordered that beer.

Use this counter to
★ Count cups of beer you drank in the bar
★ Count the mistakes that you significant others have made
★ Count the cigarette you have smoke in a day/week/month
★ Count the money you have to pay for the items you count
★ Count any other things you might think of

Tally Marker Features:
★ Add new counter tallies by name
★ Get an actual count overview
★ Display additional price information in your preferred currency
★ Edit your counter tallies
★ Remove and reset counter tallies
★ Count up and down just by swiping
★ Automatic offline saving. Means all your count data is "always" saved offline
★ Initial filling of the newly created tallies(counts)
★ Personalise your tallies! Change them to your favourite color (Requires Android 4.4+)
★ Vibrate on count/swipe (optional)
★ Set default currency for your counter
★ History tracking of your counts

Device privileges
Count with Tally Marker runs with a minimum set of privileges, because Tally Markers mission is to count, nothing else. Tally Marker only require an Internet connection to display an interstitial ad on startup. That's it. Have fun counting!

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